Friday, July 8, 2011

Stop & Shop add ons

The farmland Skim Plus Fat Free Milk is priced at $2.29 for a quart sized container.
Here's a link to a $1 off any Skim Plus milk :)

DiGiorno Rising Crust Pizza's $5 each
*$2 on 1 Pizza and Sides combo (if included)

V8 Splash $2
*$1 when you buy 2

Wishbone Salad Dressing (8oz) 4 for $5
*$0.40 on 1 Wish-bone set up and sign up for an account, check your email in a few minutes click the link to your coupon. also please watch if there's a size restriction

Bayer Asprin Tablets (300ct) $11.49
*$1.50 off 1 Bayer Advanced (if included)

Advil Iburporfen Pain reliever $7.99 (tabs, caps, or gel caps 100ct, or liqui-gels 80ct)
*$2 off any 20ct or higher

Lysol toilet cleaner $2 each
*$0.50 when you buy 2

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